"Dragons" A Fairy Tail Parody of Demons - NateWantsToBattle

This song is fucking amazing!

Love this



When Juvia is pregnant, during the last months Gray ask Meredy to do a sensory link between them so he could keep her in check in case he is not there. 

Meredy also moves in their house for the last weeks of Juvia’s pregnancy to  help her out in a emergency. 

When giving birth Meredy forgets to release Gray and Gray fainted from the pain Juvia was feeling in which he finally gets released from it. 


Cleaned version of badass samurai Gray if anyone has the link for the youtube video with him in the preview of the game can he please send it to me^^?Thank you in advance

"If you have love in your life, you must keep living!"

Juvia Lockser // requested by anonymous.

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Juvia dashboard headers for anonymous. ♡

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If you recall, I am part of a team who is working to make a new Kingdom Hearts website! The best part? IT LAUNCHES TONIGHT! It is powered by Tumblr, so you can follow it and join in on all our discussions via a comment feature on the website. Be sure to visit at 11:00pm EST and join us in the discussion/theorizing!


My destiny may be darkness… but my friends are the dawn that guides me Riku now i die why you are so perfect ? Damn

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Riku manga icons.

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Last year, we released our “Awakening" debut album of Reorchestrated Kingdom Hearts music. Now, 358 Days later, we are proud to bring you Project Destati’s VOLUME 1: LIGHT, to be released on SEPTEMBER 9

The complete tracklist for “Volume 1: Light” has just been revealed over on our Twitter and Facebook page! If you’d like to stay updated with our progress, feel free to come follow us!

We’ve concluded our first volume with “Dearly Beloved I” and a total run time of 1 hour 42 minutes. We can’t wait to share it with you!

-The Project Destati Team