How would Gray, Juvia and Silver’s happy life turn out in the future?

Damn… In any case Mr Silver is dead, dead..dead..
Even though he is such a nice guy..Gray lost so many close people.. (sob-sob).. It’s sad but he has friends that support him, and maybe some day he will notice that. Some day.. Though Mr Silver is dead, he and Gray made up. I’d like for Silver’s human life to’ve been a happy one..Gray-sama’d call him “Dad!”, no.. he’d call him “Father”, but that’s good too.

BTW, I’m sure that if Juvia had seen that moment between Gray and his dad, she’d burst into tears. I want her to’ve seen that..But Juvia wasn’t there, so it’s impossible, I understand that. Juvia doesn’t have a family and I’d like for her to have someone she could call “Father”.
It’s sad that Mr. Silver can’t be a real father…But I’m happy that even after his “death” he is looking after Gray and Juvia..

doujinshi by ジングルベルベル=ポンチョリン

translated by me

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i think she is the moodiest pregnant woman ever ! but gray knows how to handle her ^^

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The Big Six 


"  It’s not raining anymore , you happy now Juvia ? "

Kid!Gruvia dedicated to forgottenwhispersxo , thanks for being so nice and all ~


poor daddies ….they did nothing wrong the mommies are just very emotional especially juvia xD

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tell me you’re alive
words: 594
pairing: gray & juvia
fandom: fairy tail

His kisses taste the same as always—he reminds her of cold winter mornings and the salty spray of sea water in the wind when she walks on the beach by his side. She smiles, and he captures her lower lip between his teeth.

“I love when you wear pants, you know,” he says, letting go of her lip to kiss her jawline.

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© ぷりゅい

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芝 あおい@1人グレジュビ祭


Still waiting..